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Manhole Cover Lifters

The LIFTPLAQ® manhole cover lifter is tool that allows the handling of street manhole covers and plugs, designed for professionals of dry and wet networks. This system, equipped with articulated lever fitted with a powerful magnet, allowing street manhole covers to be moved without touching them and thus reducing the hardship. The manhole cover lifter consists of a mechanical assembly. It is fitted with a magnetic device allowing firm hold and manipulation of the covers.

Part List

  • Handle which can receive the brass wheel balancer

  • Wheel balancer to be screwed on the shaft handle

  • Removable and adjustable shaft handle

  • Body of the tool

  • Articulated arm

  • Curbed pin with chain (to lock the articulated arm during use)

  • Strong magnet

  • Pin for adjusting the shaft

Manhole cover lifter Characteristics

  • Handle to be used as prop and allowing the magnet to be freed from the cover

  • Wheels

  • Assembly pin

  • Pointed chisel at the end of the shaft

  • Transportation box

  • Wheel extensions (optional)


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