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Pipeline Inspection System

Pipeline inspection systems are designed to meet the tough of inspection environments. It offers, a comprehensive and portable pipeline crawler to inspection professionals. Pipeline inspection system can be customised by choosing between ‘manual cable drum’ or ‘advanced compact powered drum’ with up to 1000' (305m) of cable. Also there is option available to choose from three interchangeable cameras and two powerful pipeline crawlers that are designed to withstand poor sub surface conditions. A wide choice of different wheels, elevators and tires optimizes the down hole equipment to suit the pipe you are surveying.

FULLY INTEGRATED PUSHROD CONNECTIVITY: ‘P340-Flexiprobe’ pushrod reels and cameras can be connected directly to system, allowing you to switch from pipeline crawler to pushrod operation at the touch of a button on command module, there is no need to change connections or provide an extra power source for the pushrod. The ‘P340-Flexiprobe’ range offers a choice of 2 rugged cameras (1"/25mm and 2"/50mm) and 3 different reel sizes (100'/30m to 500'/150m) with different rod flexibilities and sounds to best suit your application. The P350+ command module, with built in Li-Ion batteries for pushrod systems, can be mounted directly on top of pushrod reel easy to transport and no need to carry a separate mains lead.

OUTSTANDING PICTURE QUALITY:  The ‘P350-Flexitrax’ offers a choice of high-resolution cameras (Forward View, Pan & Tilt or Pan & Tilt with 10x Optical Zoom; each with ultra-bright, white LED lighting for use across different pipe materials.

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Pipeline Inspection System

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