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Pneumatic Pipe Plugs

Inflatable pneumatic pipe plugs / pipe plugs flow Stoppers : OLS

Pneumatic pipe plugs are flow stoppers for temporary close off a range of pipe diameters. The multi sized flow stoppers can close off a range of pipe diameters. Pneumatic Pipe Plugs are very suitable for use in sewage or drain systems for sewer inspections, sewer cleaning, drain repair activities. And the Pneumatic test plugs are used for pressure testing the drain system according to Euro Norm NEN- EN. These pneumatic plugs are built up with high quality of aramid (Kevlar) reinforced on layers of neoprene rubber. They are easy to install, and as even more important easy and quick removed because of the relative small diameter and light weight

Pneumatic Pipe Plug with Flexible Bypass (Flex ODS): The Flex-ODS, is a pneumatic pipe plug with a flexible bypass hose trough the stopper and with a diameter of 1, 2 and 4 depending on the size plug. These plugs are suited to create a diversion or bypass, when working in the pipeline. These are also perfectly suitable for testing with air or water of a pipeline according to Euro Norm NEN-EN- 1610: Construction and Testing of drains and sewers.

Pneumatic Pipe Plug With Bypass Mounted on Pipe (ODS): The ODS pneumatic pipe plug has one or more bypass possibilities depending on size of the pneumatic pipe plug. They consist of a steel core supplied with a reinforced inflatable rubber sleeve. Being inflated the sleeve clamps around the steel core and it sets, fixates itself to the wall of the pipe. The strong sleeve and steel core make higher operating pressures possible and therefore excellent for rough work conditions. The steel core can be used to stamp or strut. The ODS pneumatic pipe plug is suited for testing with water, air according to Euro Norm NEN-EN-1610.

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Pneumatic Pipe Plugs
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