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Soham Systems is specialized in underground pipeline and confined space i.e. sewer inspection services. Our advanced sewer CCTV survey technology is the efficient and cost effective way to inspect drains and sewers. If you already have a drainage problem or are just keen to avoid one in the future, CCTV of drain or sewer survey is a quick and accurate way to get an instant, detailed look at the condition of your underground drains.

We use remotely controlled, specialist camera systems and WinCan software to carry out a CCTV survey. These sewer inspection cameras relay images to a mobile van unit, so that a technician can assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer avoiding disruption to your property or the environment.

Since Last Five years we have completed more than 250 KMs of condition assessment survey of Sewer lines in City including Eastern and western suburbs of Mumbai Muncipal Corporation.

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