Soham Systems is the leading service provider for Desilting & Cleaning of Storm Water Drain & Sewage pipelines.

Soham Systems is established in 2007 to provide services of condition assessment of pipelines, to inspect the root cause of sewer pipe issues without needing to dig or remove infrastructure above ground.

Till now we have completed more than 200 kms of condition assessment of sewage pipeline network of Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai in various wards.

Trenchless Technology (No-Dig) is gaining popularity around the world to rehabilitate and extend the service life of deteriorated pipes and culverts by improving its hydraulic capacity. In this rehabilitation process, no excavation is required, no disruption to existing services/traffic as well as minimum reinstatement of above ground infrastructure.

We have completed 5 kms of rehabilitation of sewer lines of sizes 225 mm to 300 mm in Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai with “Close Fit” technology.

We are Class ‘A’ Registered contractors of Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai since last 10 years.