High Pressure Jetting / Vaccum Machine

     The interior of pipes often scales up with debris, grease & mineral buildup, which causes obstructions. When this issue escalates, it can result in sewer chock-ups. Hydro-jetting solves such drain issues by pumping high pressure water in the pipes.

     Hydro-jetting is best described as “power washing for your pipes”. So hydro-jetting is the method in which high pressure water (upto 2000 bar) is sent through specially designed nozzles to cut roots, remove grease & scour rust, gravel & any other materials obstructing your drain. It is intended to restore your drain pipes to their original capacity.

Over years, sand, silt & debris are commonly found within pipelines.Hydro-jetting is the perfect solution for most clogging pipes at commercial/residential/municipal properties. This includes businesses in the food, beverages or hospitality industries, manufacturing plants, malls & municipal utility properties.