Manhole to manhole rehabilitation with Close-fit

Pipeline around the world are in danger due to ageing,deposits &  corrosion & may collapse any time.

Open cut replacement is very time consuming, expensive, noisy & often causes significant traffic disruptions.

Our Trench-less technologies provide a modern solution, we have been applying these technologies successfully from last 3 years in Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai to facilitate quick, efficient & environment friendly renewal a repair of pipeline network. 

In Close-fit Technology Factory made extruded PVC / HDPE pipe is available in various size ranging 150mm to 600mm to rehabilitate non-pressure lines.

PVC / HDPE pipe is extruded & coil onto reels on job site. It is conditioned using heat & pulled into an existing sewer by mechanical means.

PVC / HDPE liner is plugged & expanded using steam & air allowing it to a tight fit against the hose pipe.

Air & water is introduced, the pipe cools & hardens producing fully functional & rehabilitated pipe.



  • No excavation, installed through existing manholes.

  • Minimal traffic disruption

  • Services may be reinstated within 1 hour of installation.

  • Typically a sewer line can be rehabilitated in less than 2 hours, resulting in fewer man-hours and less fuel being consumed.

  • Because of the shorter processing times, less bypass pumping is required.

  • Traffic control is minimized since no excavation is required.

  • The line is returned to service quickly resulting in less inconvenience to customers.

  • The liner is manufactured in factory and not in the field.

  • The liner is inspected by trained Quality control personnel prior to shipment.

  • The physical properties of the liner material are tested before shipment.

  • When installed the liner is continuous from manhole to manhole.

  • Eliminates root intrusion by cutting off the nutrient source to the root.

  • Eliminates exfiltration.

  • Stops the flow of ground water and sediment into the pipe.

  • PVC/HDPE is resistant to all chemicals found in normal sewer effluent

  • Design calculation by a professional engineer, are based on fully deteriorated host pipe conditions.

  • The combination of a low manning coefficient, no joints and smooth transitions through offsets allow an increase in flow through the lined pipe.