Sectional repair of damaged pipes & sewer

A No-Dig option to repair sewer pipe


Sometimes your sewer issues are only found in one small section of your entire length of sewer line.

In this situation the ‘Patch Repair’ is best solution.

Patch repair can be done from minimum 1mtr To 5mtr length & are made up of a fibreglass mesh that once installed restores structural integrity to the pipe & eliminates rock intrusion.

These repair takes only few hours to complete & leave you with a problem free sewer for years to come

Installation Procedure:

  • Remove the silt from entire stretch of sewer line with drain cleaning equipment.

  • Inspect the damaged pipes with the help of camera inspection system.

  • Locate & mark on exact length of damaged pipe area.

  • Impregnate fiberglass material with epoxy resin.

  • Wrap the impregnated fiberglass material around the inflated plug.

  • Confirming the distance of damaged pipe with CCTV video, Push the inflated plug into the pipeline through the manhole.

  • Inflate the plug & pressed tight against the host pipe & hold for 30 minutes.

  • Pull out the inflated plug & insert camera for confirming repaired patch position & preparing patch repair report in WRC approved Wincan software.


  1. No excavation is required installed through existing manhole.

  2. Traffic control is minimized.

  3. Works on wet surfaces & bond to all kinds of pipe material i.e. Vitrified clay, PVC/HDPE, Cast iron Steel, Cement, etc.

  4. As 'patch' reinforces the pipe wall it prevents roots & infiltration

  5. Line is returned to service quickly resulting in less inconvenience to customer.

  6. Extended the service life of sewer pipe up to 50+ years.

  7. Excellent performance at extreme temperature, hot or cold.