Leak Detection

 Reduce Non Revenue Water (NRW )by attending leakages, with the help of leak detection equipment.

We have five different methods to find the leakages, but to confirm the exact leak spot we need to apply at least three methods or sometimes all five methods, to come to the conclusion.

1.Underground utility route detector

This system can help to trace the direction and approximate depth of the pipe line on which we want to find the leak.

 2.Zone Monitoring

Zone monitoring with quantitative flow meters provides important information about overall water-loss and the affected area in that zone.

Acoustic monitoring is used to analyse the noise pattern in water network, comparing the current noise pattern with the previous recorded data, change in the noise pattern confirms the leak in the pipe.

The pipe vibration are recorded by the noise loggers known as BIDI Loggers. BIDI Loggers can be either install permanently or to be used in the Lift & Shift operation.

BIDI Logger is equipped with very sensitive piezo-ceramic sensor. They can be attached magnetically to the pipe. Loggers are powered by high capacity internal battery.

The BIDI loggers records the noise during the quiet hours at night and transmit the data during the day.

User can be connects to the logger with smartphone, where the data can be display on smartphone using BIDI Logger App (Android) .


This system is based on the technical principle of the frequency dependent correlation coherence analysis. Pressurized water mains (pipe) inside the pipe generates a discharged related noise at the leakage spot. This discharge noise propagates to both ends of the pipe section simultaneously. This noise is pick up by the transmitters hydrophone sensors (measurement box) A & B, which is supposed to be placed on Hydrant / valve on the section of the pipe on which we have to detect the leakage.

Measurement Box ‘A’ & ‘B’ recognized disturbed noise generated due to leakages and suppress the ambient noise, later amplify the signal & is then radio transmitted to the Coherence Correlation unit. Further data processing provides exact Coherence / correlation point which will be displayed on the laptop using customized software. 

4.Acoustic water leak detection using Aqua M -300 

Aqua M-300 system is highly sensitive water leak detection with 256 free and automatic adjustable filter setting which achieve effective reduction of noise pollution through the automatic adjustment of amplification & digital noise filter which can display the smallest leak on the pressurized live mains with the help of wind protected ground microphone, which is connected  with airtight wireless headphones to the Aqua M-300 Unit. The vibration transmitted through the pipe can be pickup even at remote contact points (Water Valves), Hydrants, Water meters etc.

5.Tracer Gas Detection 

To accurately detect leak in live drinking water mains without need to shut down, isolate or de-water parts of the water system. 

This Technology can be use in any size pipe, of any length & any material. The performance of the technology is not affected by background noise, electrical interference, low pressure, pipe material or distance between access listening points.

This technology detects & localizes leaks in single step. The tracer gas methodology is reference in the American water works association. The tracer gas technology is being deployed in live, fully pressurized water systems.

In this by inserting H2N (5% H2 & 95% Nitrogen) in pressurized line through stainless steel component. The dissolve hydrogen is circulated throughout the water systems. The hydrogen gas finds its way to the ground surface through leaks in the water systems (pipe Breaks, Connections, Service Lines, and Meters etc.) Since the hydrogen gas is very much lighter than air.

The path of the pipeline is trace above ground with specialized detection equipment.

 An abnormally high concentration of hydrogen measured above the surface of the ground is indicative of the leak.

To confirm the leakage spot, small holes are drill into the surface of a road  to promote a quicker release of hydrogen. This is decade’s proven safe & accepted method by the International water works Association (DVGW, IWA, AWWA etc.)

6.Pipe Mic 

This is 150 meter Fiber Rod Reel with the hydrophone sensor at one end and the controller at the fiber reel which is  equipped with Bluetooth & distance meter.

With the help of Hawley drill unit & Hawlinger valve we can drill on the live mains and can insert the fiber rod into the water mains. Sensor of the fiber rod will send the signal  to the controller, if there is any leak  which can give us exact distance of leakage on the pipe.

7.CCTV Inspection System 

In This System we can insert camera in water mains size ranging from 100mm to 1350mm push rod OR Crawler base with 200 meters of cable and watch live on monitor the condition of water mains and entry of contaminated water.