Sewer Pipe & Drain Cleaning can be done under following circumstances: -

  • Choke in the underground sewer lines.

  • Surcharged & overflowing underground sewer lines.

  • Foul smell from underground sewer lines.

  • Missing (buried) sewer manholes.

  • Debris, obstructions, root mass growth and Encrustations.

  • Structurally deteriorated, broken pipes.

  • Infiltration through cracks and opened joints which cause the surrounding area to erode.

  • Longitudinal and circumferential cracks and fractures.

  • Displaced and open joints.



    For through desilting of drainage lines & to deal with the demanding service condition, including heavy grease, deposits of silt, debris, root mass growth, infiltration, collapse condition of sewer network & to avoid human entry into manhole, it is mandatory to carry out the mechanized desilting of pipeline for achieving silt free conditions.

     We don't arrive with just one tool, but a comprehensive suite of mechanized desilting tools to ensure we are equipped to solve problems both known & unknown of Sewer / Storm water drain.

     With extensive contracts with government, commercial and private sectors, we have experience and knowledge to tackle a wide variety of drain maintenance solution and emergencies.


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